Where is the Fruit in your ministry in Guatemala?
Where is the Fruit?
August 15, 2015
Ministry update by Tim and Sharie Martiny, Missionaries in Guatemala.
Guatemala Missionary News, September 2015
September 15, 2015
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When God Does the Planning

When God does the planning in Guatemala

When God does the planning for His missionaries in Guatemala.

There are some moments when you say “Ah Ha! That’s what it was all about!”

When you see things come together, there is no way you can claim the credit for it and you realize that it was God was working behind the scenes all along.This week I had one of those moments.

The Precious Moments School and Orphanage is located in Colonia Santa Fe of Guatemala City. It is one of the more dangerous parts of the city. As a ministry it serves low income children who live in the neighborhood and ravines near it. It provides them with a Christian education where they would likewise get none whatsoever and we assist them with sponsoring teachers, running a computer training center for the children and holding Vacation Bible Schools for the children.

When one of our regular mission teams that assists us with VBS for the children fell through this year, we felt called continue. Even though we only had one volunteer who was coming from the U.S. to help, we decided to go ahead anyway.

With no mission team to assist us, Sharie reached out to the women’s group she attends Wednesday mornings at our local church, Casa De Libertad. The response was overwhelming. 10 women offered to help, plan, organize, prepare activities, make lunches and teach the classes. Seeing that our spiritual family had our back and watching them step in and make this an amazing activity, was incredible.

We have come to realize that one of the roles God has given us is to be facilitators. Many people have a heart for service, but are busy, have jobs, children to care for or don’t know where to get involved. As missionaries who have served for 12 years in Guatemala, we have the ability to help plug them in where they are ned and and help make it easy for them to serve.

The VBS ended up being one of the best we have done and we are looking forward to continuing classes on a monthly basis with the help of our local volunteers.

To see God pull together an accountant from VA, two missionaries, and 10 Guatemalan volunteers to pull off such an amazing event, reminds me that we are just one small cog in the big machinery of Gods greater plan.

Timothy Martiny
Timothy Martiny
Missionary in Guatemala serving the orphaned, vulnerable and disabled.