Manos de Compasion

Manos De Compasion

Located in the Bay of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, Manos de Compasion is a childrens' home serving the Lord in the care of the orphan and preaching the gospel to the lost. Our number one goal is to raise up abandon, abused, and forgoten childen to be men and women  of Christ. Follow us as we serve the Lord with the talents and gifts he has given us.

Dave, home director, is from a small town about one hour from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He came to Guatemala in 2009. He and Deborah were married in July 2009 and took over the ministry in 2010 from Deborah’s parents. Aside from filling the usual father responsibilites, Dave does most of the maintenance around the house and property. With so many children things are bound to break.

Deborah was born about one hour north of Green Bay Wisconsin. Her parents, Tom and Sue Stukenberg, went on the mission field when Deborah was 7 years old. She helped run the home with her parents until they left the field. Aside from the usual mother responsibilities, Deborah does the schooling as well as the cooking and legal work for the home.

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Director: Dave and Deborah Reichard

Telephone USA:

Telephone Guatemala: +502-4407-1480

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Address Guatemala: Lote I-26 Bahia de Santiago Aldea Tzanchaj, Santiago Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala

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