Hogar Nino de La Demanda

Hogar Nino de La Demanda

Fraternity of Divine Providence (F.D.P.). Catholic Religious Congregationnonprofit, approved Canon 524 of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe de Bogota,Colombia and properly licensed to advance its religious mission in the world and all its legal requirements to date, with a presence in Guatemala from 06 to June 2000, doing our work for Homeless and Children Living in extreme Poverty.

Child home demand is a private relief and development non-profit, serves boys who suffer from poverty, extreme poverty, abandonment, physical abuse,psychological abuse, social risk, few opportunities for academic improvement,under agreement educational, legal provisions with parents or guardian or children. House is characterized by children ranging from ages 5 to 10 years (for income) and to 20 for their stay, they do not suffer from contagious diseases.

We currently have in our home to 20 young children, aged from 06 to 18 years providing care in providing social and psychological aerial integral developmentbased on good attention in health, education, recreation, housing, food, others.

The children study at school situated in Nazareth 11 av. Zone 1 and live 24 hours a day at home and provides us food and education.


We are an institution that provides protection and participation of children, adolescents and young people immersed in poverty, extreme poverty, abused, at risk. In order to get them to become good people and a living example of human values ​​in this way can contribute effectively and actively in transforming themselves, their families, their community and country in general, rights-based law establishing the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents. Focused on religious, ethical and moral.


Being an active agent in the construction of a new and equitable society, justice and solidarity where children, adolescents and young people can live together in peace and free of violence, in which promote the formation and development of themselves, their families and the community, so exercise their rights, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Contact Info:

Website: http://fdpguatemala.blogspot.com/

Email: hogarninodelademandafdp@hotmail.com



Telephone USA:

Telephone Guatemala:+502-2232-4837

Telephone Guatemala:+502-2232-5211

Address USA:

Address Guatemala: 12 calle 2-53 de la zona 1 Guatemala Cuidad, Guatemala

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