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Reasons to Partner with Cadaniño in 2021

Updated: Jun 15

We realize that there are lots of people in the world doing great things.

Charities, non-profits, missionaries, and volunteers give their time, effort, energy, and lives in service to others. Each one is needed for the effect they have in their sphere of influence.

That said, I want to tell you why Cadaniño is worthy of your support in 2021.

Clear Mission

We serve the orphaned, vulnerable and disabled in Guatemala through programs at our centers that provide spiritual formation, educational reinforcement and family strengthening services to at-risk families in challenging situations.

That’s it, no fancy slogan, one solution gimmicks, or 10 step programs to change the world. We simply meet people where they are at, with the help they want to bring about change they need.


Led by Timothy and Sharie Martiny, missionaries with almost 40 years of combined experience serving in Guatemala. The Cadanino ministry is no fly-by-night endeavor.

With decades of experience serving vulnerable populations, the leadership we provide to the staff and volunteers who work in our centers is built upon an understanding of the problems, solutions that address the issues, and a commitment to patiently walk alongside those we serve for as long as it takes.

Local Staff

When hiring teachers, we prioritize locals who live in the community and have experience teaching the population we serve. The understanding they have of the day to day lives of the students and families we serve is vital to ensuring that our programs are planned and implemented in ways that maximize their effectiveness.

With many of our teachers having similar backgrounds as those we serve, we are never more than one step removed from the problems our students face.

Balanced Perspective

The perspective we bring as outsiders serving in another culture must always be balanced by the views of the people we are there to serve.

The best solutions are often found in the melding of minds and weighing the varied perspectives from our different lived experiences, an understanding of best practices and humility.

Cadaniño’s local board of directors is 60% Guatemalan and is comprised of key stakeholders who are committed to our cause. They include the pastor of the church we partner with, local business people and entrepreneurs to ensure that our programs are relevant to the job market, IT specialists to guide our classes, advocates that help promote our work, and directors of charities we partner with.

The US board of directors helps bring outside perspectives in community health, development, management and service to vulnerable populations; their expertise ensures that we are compliant and transparent in all we do.

Every person on our team has a personal commitment to the work Cadaniño is doing to serve the orphaned, vulnerable, and disabled and leverages their skills, abilities, and resources to achieve that aim.

Commitment to Excellence

On both an administrative and personal level, we strive for excellence in what we do. Though we understand and accept that we face limitations due to time, funds, or staff, we encourage every member of our team and the students and families we serve to do the best they can, with the resources and abilities they have.

Over the last year, Cadaniño was evaluated by Pionero Philanthropy, a Guatemalan organization that evaluates charities based on a criterion of: Sustainability, Impact, Relevance, Transparency, and Efficiency.

We received their highest rating and were the only organization awarded their Gold Seal of Excellence for 2020.


Our programs have been developed slowly, leveraging years of experience, testing, and refining. Our focus is on long term sustainable results vs. overnight change.

Our refinement process consists of: Defining the objective, Planning, Messaging, Tracking, Review, and Improvement ensures that we are always aware of the impact our programs are having and can adjust them to increase the outcomes.

Improvement in school grades, active involvement in service to others, and low turnover in our programs all serve to validate that effort, energy, and resources committed to our work are worth it.

Our programs’ personal nature gives us a clear view of the impact our work has on those we serve to validate the results.

Communication and Transparency

You will see the impact your partnership is having in the lives of those we serve. Monthly newsletters, daily posts of pictures on social media, video interviews with students, and comprehensive year end reports will keep you informed of our progress and connect you personally with the lives of those you are helping.

An open invitation to serve on a mission trip or make a solo visit to view our work makes it possible for you to see firsthand the impact your partnership is having.

Prompt responses to emails or the ability to call Tim Martiny, the president of Cadanino at 504-322-3334, with any questions or suggestions you may have, ensure that your help has the greatest possible impact.

Lasting Impact

As a ministry built on a Christian foundation, we have a view of eternity. We work to change people’s hearts and minds by teaching them to understand who God is as their Father and point them to a personal relationship with Him.

Balancing out our perspective is the understanding that we live in a physical world with all the blessings, challenges and opportunities it has to offer.

We are not here to make people rich, but we do believe that everyone is called to develop the personal gifts, abilities, and talents God has given them and use them to their most significant potential in a way that glorifies God.

We live and work with our feet firmly planted on the ground, yet our vision resolutely cast to the great and glorious future we have as children of God.

Partner with us in 2021, and have an impact for eternity.


Partner with us today and impact lives for eternity!

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