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Prince of Peace


Prince of Peace is a home for girls who have been removed from their family homes by the courts due to extreme trauma, abuse, or neglect. We strive to provide a safe, loving Christian home and focus on the psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of each girl. Our primary goal is for each girl to open their hearts and foster a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.


SUPERVISION: Loving staff provide 24-hour care for the girls.
PSYCHOLOGICAL/PHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL: Professional medical, dental, and psychological staff support is provided to help the girls heal and become whole again.
EDUCATION: At our on-site school, teaching staff work to meet the learning styles and unique needs for each girl.

A Safe Haven for Abandoned Girls
Provide for all the needs of the girls – physical, psychological, and spiritual.
Create a safe, healthy, and happy environment for the girls to live, heal, and grow.
Have each girl learn to accept Jesus Christ into their lives. No matter where they go in the future, their relationship with God remains within their hearts and minds.
Provide a foundation so that each girl can become a productive, Godly Guatemalan woman in their community.

Contact Info:




Director: Dr. & Mrs. Jim Hines

Telephone USA: (859) 358-3870

Telephone Guatemala:

Address USA: 330 Eastern Bypass, Suite 1, PMB 209, Richmond, KY 40475

Address Guatemala:

Best Practices in Orphan Care

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