Hogar Miguel Magone

hogar miguel magone orphanage guatemala


Founded in 1997 Hogar Miguel Magone is a non government organization, providing shelter for over 80 children aged between three and sixteen years old in Guatemala City.

The majority of children sent to us are victims of abuse or neglect. We are located on the outskirts of Guatemala City, where we aim to provide the children necessary care and education to help them live rewarding and successful lives.

The children study in public schools, apart from nine sponsored children who attend a private school. In 2008 we also began to work with girls and now we have around 20 living in the Hogar. The Hogar is also involved in a sponsorship program, providing food, medication and education to more than 50 children from Agucate, a village near to the Hogar.

The Hogar is run by local teachers, national and international volunteers and service personnel, who help with the children’s schooling, hygiene, health and recreational activities. We also have a psychologist for the children and skilled locals visit the Hogar who teach the children valuable skills like baking, carpentry, art and IT.

The children’s accommodation is divided by age group – separate buildings for the young boys, middle and elders and one area for the girls. Through the help of volunteers we also have a computer room, TV room for the weekends, bakery and a Chapel.

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.hogarmiguelmagone.com/

Email: hogarmiguelmagone @gmail.com



Telephone USA:

Telephone Guatemala:+502-2458-3266  

Telephone Guatemala:

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Address Guatemala: Hogar Miguel Magone, 21 Ave 12-85, Aldea, El Aguacate Z.9, Mixco, Guatemala

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