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2016 Highlights in Ministry

Updated: May 26

This year has been nothing short of amazing for our mission in Guatemala. In October, we celebrated 14 years of dedicated service as missionaries. The journey has been filled with numerous highs and lows. Still, through it all, we have been blessed to witness hearts transformed, lives restored, and deeper relationships with our Heavenly Father among those we minister to. Below, we share some of the significant highlights from 2016. We are deeply grateful for every individual who contributed to these accomplishments. Please join us in thanking our Heavenly Father for His incredible work.

Orphanage Fundaninos

This year at Fundaninos, we worked tirelessly with various committees to enrich the lives of the children. We focused on better preparing children for life beyond the orphanage through the Independence Committee. Spiritually, we invested in the children by establishing a discipleship group for the boys. We taught 180 woodworking, carpentry, engineering, and culinary arts classes, helping them develop their skills and confidence. Our first annual Vacation Bible Camp on Missional Living was a success, with participation from two mission teams and volunteers from our local church. High school students received essential financial literacy education, and we launched an entrepreneurial program where students created and sold their own products, collectively earning over $1,500, which they saved in their bank accounts. Countless hours were spent counseling students transitioning out of the orphanage, securing vacation jobs for five high school students, and welcoming a former student into our home during her transition period.

After-School Program for Vulnerable Children

Our center in Colonia Santa experienced significant growth and improvements. Over 60 children from the local community enrolled in our afternoon classes, which included prayer, Bible study, computer training, and tutoring. We installed internet access, enabling students to use online learning tools. We concluded the year with a trip to the zoo and a closing ceremony attended by over 100 community members. Our teachers conducted over 275 classes throughout the year, marking a significant milestone in our educational efforts.

Special Needs Ministry

In our work with the disabled community, we made notable strides. We assisted in establishing a daycare for 25 residents from ABI, a government home for the profoundly disabled. This involved sourcing furniture and appliances, installing a security system and safety equipment, and remodeling the facility to better serve the children. Additionally, we facilitated transportation to various events and activities for the residents, ensuring they could participate fully in community life.

BAM (Business as Mission)

Our entrepreneurial endeavors also saw progress with opening a small coffee shop kiosk. This initiative provided job training for students from our culinary arts program and employment opportunities for local women. Two students from the orphanage worked at the kiosk during the Christmas holidays, gaining valuable work experience and contributing to their personal growth.

Other Highlights

We supported six mission teams in their ministry efforts, enhancing our collective impact. Attending the Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference gave us valuable insights to better serve the children in our care. We hosted an intern who we hope will join us again, strengthening our team. Throughout the year, we spent countless hours loving, caring for, and ministering to those in our care, embodying the spirit of our mission.

As we reflect on this remarkable year, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunities to serve and our progress. We thank everyone who has partnered with us in this journey and look forward to continuing our mission in Guatemala.

Sincerely, Tim, Sharie, Julia, Audrey, Vanessa, Jessica, Alex, and Alison Martiny

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