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What The Kids Say About Our Classes

Since you hear so much from me about our work, I wanted to give you a different perspective in this newsletter. Volunteers from our local church have been serving alongside us at the Cadaniño Community Center helping to teach train, train and educate the children. These letters were written after a recent Bible club activity. I pulled some excerpts from them to share with you.


Thank you for the activities you and your friends bring to us. The Bible classes have impacted me the most. I also love the Bible songs we sing in the activities, especially the way they encourage us to praise God. Thank you for your love for the children in Guatemala. The activities your church has come to do have helped me learn many good things, and helping others is very good. Thank you for teaching me how to do it.


I thank you for this great opportunity that you offer to all the children your foundation serves.

The personal religion classes have served me with very practical values I can use in my house, at school and while in the street. I am very grateful because the computer classes help me a lot. I am taking advantage of them every day I can. I am very grateful to God and you for the great support and love you offer to all. I am also grateful for the church group who come in the morning to teach us for their example of how to love our neighbor. God bless all of your friends for being kind and may God help them to bring more activities. Thank you for the opportunity to bring books home from your library, it helps to educate us and have better reading comprehension in the field of education.


Thanks for everything. I am very grateful for all the activities you and your church friends have brought to us. We like to learn more about God. I like the activities they bring us; from them, I have learned to share with others. That's why I thank you. May God bless you for everything you've done, and may God bless your friends for the blessings they bring us.

Cecilia, Sofia, and Rubí

We have liked the Bible classes you have given us. Thank you for always making space for us in all the activities. Thank you for bringing us to your church because it gives us examples of how to love and help our neighbor.

What we love most about the activities are:

  • We like the excitement and attitude of all who come to teach us.

  • We like the lessons they always give us.

  • We like the games they play.

  • We like the crafts that we always do with your church group.

  • We also like that there you are.

Thank you for encouraging us when we feel we cannot do it anymore.


Thank you for inviting me to the class. I learned to love my neighbors. Thank you for the chance to have computer classes, I am learning to use a computer well. The class I liked the most was Love My Neighbor; that day was very good because the boys and the girls gave me examples that were good. Thank you for doing the favor of letting me come here, I learned to love, to be sincere, respectful and to honor God. I am glad to say that there are wonderful people like you at my side. I would like to extend my gratitude to your friends in the church. They are very good friends for whom God cares. Your help has been important to me and my friends.


Thank you for all that we study in computer class; I have learned so many good things. Thank you also for bringing your church and brothers in Christ. The activities they teach us help us learn to respect God, be kind to others, and be thankful. I am not a good singer, but I like the crafts we do in the activities.


Dear friend Timothy Martiny, Thank you for all the activities you have given us. I like everything that happens when brothers of your church come to sing, play, and do other things. Thank you for giving me a computer. I ask you to always bring your friends to do more activities when they have time. Your friends are very good and teaching us to love our neighbors and friends. It is very nice to meet people like you. Thank you for taking us into account in your activities.

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