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URGENT - Pray for Guatemala!

Updated: 2 days ago

Dear Friends,

I am writing you from a place of deep concern and heartache for those we serve. As you may be aware, discontent in Guatemala with the political situation has caused unrest, protests, and roadblocks in the country. Protestors have finally shut down most of the capital, forcing schools to be canceled and most businesses to shut down.

As always, the most vulnerable are hit hardest. The already challenging circumstances that the poorest of the poor, who we serve, are amplified. Grocery stores are quickly being depleted, and the local markets that still have food are charging many times the usual prices as it becomes impossible to get food delivered.

This has been catastrophic for those we serve. With limited or no access to work, many families face the grim reality of having no money to buy increasingly expensive food to feed their families.

Yet, amid this adversity. The Cadaniño team remains committed to being the hands and feet of those in need.

Our staff have unanimously decided to keep our community centers open to serve the families of the students enrolled in our afterschool programs for as long as it is safe to do so. Just because parents can't work and schools are closed, children still need to eat and require a safe place to learn and receive help with their education.

We can see once again how the importance of recruiting and training teachers from within the communities we serve is paying off.

Their unwavering dedication to those we serve is deeply rooted in their concern for others, the recognition of God's immense love, and the conviction that we are summoned to rise and embody the hands and feet of Jesus in challenging times. In all honesty, it's in moments like this that I see how our team members transcend their roles as teachers; they stand as beacons of hope during tumultuous times, offering a crucial lifeline to those in need.

I humbly implore you to join us in prayer:

  • For our valiant Cadaniño team to be shielded with divine protection, strength, and perseverance.

  • For the families we serve that, they find ways to navigate these hardships and remain hopeful, even when surrounded by despair.

  • For God's provision and guidance for those struggling to access food, work, and essential services during these blockades.

  • For lasting peace and unity in Guatemala so that everyone can lead a life of dignity, safety, and prosperity.

  • That the discontentment that is fueling the protests doesn't escalate to further violence.

  • For God's continued supply for Cadaniño so we can continue to serve those who most need it.

We thank you for your fervent prayers and unwavering support. We trust God to work through this difficult situation and know that God will bring greater good through these trying times.

With deepest gratitude and blessings,


Timothy Martiny


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