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Speaking on Live TV in Guatemala

This month marked a significant milestone in our shared ministry journey as I, Tim, was invited as a guest on Channel 27, the prominent Guatemalan Christian TV station. The occasion? A telethon fundraiser in support of Brazos de Amor y Misericordia, a local ministry dedicated to serving impoverished families in rural Guatemala. We are all part of this journey, and your support is invaluable.

It was a humbling opportunity to share our missionary journey and the transformative impact of our ministry in Guatemala. As the cameras rolled, I shared with viewers how we were called to Guatemala and the incredible work we've been blessed to accomplish here.

One of the key messages I emphasized during the broadcast was the importance of living a life of generosity rooted in biblical principles. I firmly believe that generosity isn't just about giving financially—it's about giving ourselves wholeheartedly to serve others in need.

Drawing inspiration from the greatest act of generosity in history—the sacrifice of God's only Son for our redemption—I challenged viewers to reflect on the depth of God's love and the magnitude of His gift. When we truly grasp the immeasurable extent of God's generosity toward us, it compels us to respond with generosity in every aspect of our lives.

Whether it's sharing our time, talents, or resources, there's always an opportunity to positively impact and extend God's love to those around us. It's about embodying the spirit of generosity and compassion that reflects the heart of our heavenly Father.

As the telethon unfolded, I encouraged viewers to consider how their potential contributions can play a significant part in advancing God's kingdom through acts of generosity and service. Whether it's supporting ministries like Brazos de Amor y Misericordia or reaching out to those in their own communities, each viewer has the power to make a difference when they choose to live generously.

In closing, I expressed gratitude for the platform to share our message and the opportunity to challenge others to embrace a lifestyle of generosity. May we all be inspired to follow the example of our heavenly Father and live lives marked by love, compassion, and generosity toward others.

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