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Open House in our Workshop at the Orphanage in Guatemala

Our mission to empower disadvantaged children has seen incredible growth and impact throughout the past year. One standout event was the inaugural open house at the Skills for Life Woodworking Academy. This momentous occasion showcased the talents and achievements of our students.

The open house proved a resounding success, allowing our students to proudly display their woodworking skills to visitors. Witnessing their craftsmanship and dedication was a source of pride for the students and a significant boost to their self-esteem. Seeing others recognize and value the skills they had acquired through our training programs was heartwarming.

One memorable encounter during the open house was with the director of another orphanage. Impressed by the success of our vocational training programs, they expressed a keen interest in implementing similar initiatives at their facility. This encounter not only served as a testament to the effectiveness and impact of our work but also sparked a new potential for growth and expansion. It inspired us to further extend our reach and serve more children in need.

The opportunity to extend our ministry to additional orphanages fills us with excitement and gratitude for God's path. In our unwavering efforts to support abused, abandoned, orphaned, and impoverished children, we remain steadfast in our commitment to both demonstrate and teach God's love. This commitment is the driving force behind our work and the reason for our continued success.

Through our Skills for Life classes and training programs, we equip children with valuable skills and instill in them a sense of worth and purpose. Each woodworking project crafted and each lesson learned is a tangible expression of God's love and care for these precious children.

Our ministry strongly emphasizes practical skills development and spiritual nourishment. Through Bible classes and instruction in God's word, we aim to impart knowledge and the transformative power of faith and love.

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