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Missionary happenings in Guatemala, July 2016

Learning Life

We took the high school students from the orphanage Fundaninos to the bank. They went to deposit their earnings from the products they make and sell in our woodworking and engineering classes. Seeing them get excited as they realized how much money they had was beautiful. %100 of the profits from the items they make go to them. The goal is that they save it for their future or use it for transformational purchases. We deposited almost $1000, with one of the boys making over $300 from selling his products. It's so awesome to see them "get" that learning a skill, working to produce a quality product, and then selling it is exciting, fun, and can get you money in the bank.

Carpentry, Woodworking, and Engineering

Tim taught 16 classes to the students who participated in our program at the orphanage Fundaninos. Students produced and sold over $300 of handmade wooden pens, bracelets, and cutting boards made on our CNC Shopbot.

Vocational Educational Training Center

Eduardo, our wonderful teacher who works for us at the VETC, taught 35 classes to our students who come from the Precious Moments school and the surrounding impoverished community. We have 78 children enrolled in 5 groups. Current classes include Touch Typing, MS Word, Excel, and programming.

Culinary Arts

Share, along with the help of two volunteers from our local church, taught four cooking classes to 20 children at the orphanage Fundaninos.

For one class, we had a cook-off and made pasta. The students were divided into three teams, and each one had to choose a pasta and sauce to make. Each student also prepared foccacia bread. They did a great job, and all the dishes were beautiful and delicious.

Special Needs Ministry

We were blessed to be visited by a mission team from The Village Church. They spent time caring for the children and working with the staff. They hosted a thank-you lunch for the workers in appreciation for all they do for these precious children.

Tim assisted with taking the children on a march for the "day against the bad treatment of people," which is personal for many of them, given their background. They had a great time visiting "Obelisco," walking down "Avenida Las Americas" and enjoying ice cream. It might not seem like much to you, but for them, it was awesome.

We also made some safety improvements to the school we run for the disabled, including installing an intercom, building a safety gate, and adding anti-slip tape to the entrance.


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