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A New Year Starts, January 2015

This month, as we plan the curriculum and classes for the 2015 school year , we reflect on the incredible progress we've seen, both educationally and spiritually, in the lives of the children we work with. This progress is a testament to your prayers and support, which have been instrumental in our journey. As we continue to build upon this progress , we ask for your continued prayers and support to make it possible.

Precious Moments

We have worked at the Precious Moments School / Orphanage in Colonia Santa Fe, Guatemala City, for the past four years. It is run by Martha Ordonez, a Guatemalan lady with a wonderful heart for these children, who has been working for years to make a difference in their lives through the love of Christ. Almost 200 poor children attend school here and receive a good Christian education.

The focus of our ministry at Precious Moments is to assist with improving the quality of education for the students. We set up a computer classroom where the students learn typing and computer skills; we raise funds to pay for the teacher's salaries; we work with mission teams to run VBS programs; we teach Bible classes; and we constantly work to find donors for school supplies and food for the children.

Several years ago, we rented a room near the school, set up a computer classroom, and started teaching the students computer skills. Last year, we trained the teachers to use the software and teach the class. They took over all the lessons and did an excellent job.

This year, we are opening the computer classroom in the afternoons to provide tutoring, computer training, and Bible classes to the students in the afternoons. We hired two teachers to assist with afternoon classes, and we pray that this program will be effective in helping students both scholastically and spiritually.


At the orphanage Fundaninos, where we have been working for six years, we are continuing our Skills for Life programs, which include cooking, woodworking, and now CNC engineering. A big focus of our work this year is increasing the quality of the students' work and developing their technical skills. We will be moving to smaller class sizes and working through a curriculum that will enable them to assist with teaching other students this next year.

In addition to our regular youth group and Bible studies for the teenage girls from Fundaninos, we are thrilled to share that we have witnessed significant growth in their faith. This is a testament to their resilience and your unwavering support. We are truly inspired by their journey and are grateful for the role you play in it.

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