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Empowering Through Faith and Education: A New Year of Mission Work and Learning, February 2014

Updated: May 18

We have truly enjoyed our in-home youth group with the girls from Fundaninos. Over time, we've come to see each one of them as special and unique in God's eyes. Each girl brings her own story, personality, and set of gifts, reminding us daily of God's creation's incredible diversity and beauty. Their presence in our home has blessed us with laughter, joy, and a profound sense of purpose.

Like most people, missionaries experience a mix of good and difficult days. Our ministry is thriving, yet we face challenges that test our faith and resilience. Recently, after a particularly trying day, we invited the girls to our house. As we spent time together, I was once again reminded of the incredible opportunity God has given us to help, parent, pastor, love, and train these young women. It reaffirmed the importance of our calling and the privilege to pour into their lives.

Like all of us, these girls have faced sin and suffering. They have been broken, mistreated, and abused, experiencing the harsh realities and injustices of life. Yet, they are finding redemption through their desire to be in Christ. By striving to have Christ in them, they are undergoing a process of sanctification, slowly but surely being transformed into the people God intends them to be.

Reflecting on my own life, I see the mistakes and failures that sometimes make me doubt my usefulness in God's plan. My pride tells me that there's no way God can use someone as flawed as me. Yet, as I read and study His Word, I find consolation and hope in the truth that God can use me to help others precisely because of my brokenness. Through my own experiences of grace and healing, I can empathize with and support the girls in their journeys.

This Month

This month has been remarkably productive and fulfilling. We assisted Orphan Outreach with setting up a new computer classroom at the Ravine School in Chimaltenango. The families of many of the children who attend this school make a living by scavenging in a nearby garbage dump. Attending school and receiving a Christian education brings transformational change to their lives, offering them hope and opportunities they never imagined.

At Fundaninos, we continued to teach the students weekly woodworking and cooking classes. These practical skills provide them with valuable knowledge and boost their confidence and creativity. Our students held a bake sale at church using the recipes they had learned, showcasing their newfound skills and raising funds for the orphanage.

One of my former students, Sandra Tax, has joined us at the Precious Moments School. Sandra is now teaching 4th grade and computer classes, bringing her passion and dedication to the next generation of students. Her journey from student to teacher is a testament to the impact of our work and the ripple effect of education and mentorship.

We also trained the teachers at the Precious Moments School on how to use the educational software in our computer classroom. This training is part of a new curriculum we developed, ensuring that all students from 2nd to 6th grade receive regular computer classes. These skills are essential for their future success, equipping them with the tools they need in an increasingly digital world.

Continuing with our in-home youth group with the girls from Fundaninos has been a highlight of our month. We've memorized Bible verses, prayed together, worshipped, played games, and provided a caring and supportive environment for them. Each gathering is a chance to deepen our relationships, share God's love, and create lasting memories.

In all these activities, our mission remains clear: to teach them, train them, love them, and share the knowledge of Christ's love for them. This holistic approach ensures that the students grow intellectually, practically, emotionally, and spiritually, preparing them to face the future with confidence, faith, and a deep sense of God's presence.

Partner with us today and impact lives for eternity!


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