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Strengthening Bonds: A Day of Family and Faith

Last month, we embarked on a special journey with the girls from Fundaninos, treating them to a memorable day at Lago de los Pinos National Park. Amidst scenic beauty, we shared laughter, games, and their first lake swim—an experience they cherished deeply.

This outing encapsulates the essence of our ministry: fostering relationships built on trust, respect, and love. While we diligently address their physical, educational, and vocational needs, our core focus remains on nurturing these foundational bonds.

In our vocational classes, we continue to empower students with practical skills in carpentry, woodworking, engineering, and culinary arts. Their enthusiasm and progress are a testament to their dedication and the profound personal growth and empowerment these classes bring, inspiring us all.

In our youth group sessions, we recently concluded a study on faithfulness, witnessing the girls' profound grasp of biblical concepts. Transitioning to a new series, 'For Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles,' we explore the deeper purpose of salvation. This enlightening journey delves into our role within God's grand design, resonating deeply with students of all ages and demonstrating the depth of our ministry's impact.

From the eldest participant to our youngest, like six-year-old Alex, each member has found inspiration in this exploration of faith and purpose. As we navigate life's complexities, these shared experiences unite us, reinforcing our commitment to growth, community, and God's enduring grace.

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