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Planting Seeds of Faith: Bringing Bible Stories to Life for Orphaned ChildrenGuatemala Missionary News, September 2014

"Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against you" Psalms 119:11. We are always looking for ways to plant God's Word in the hearts of the children we minister to. One fun way we have been doing this is through Bible games. After our Bible class last week, we played Bible story charades. It was a big hit, and the students loved it.

During the charades, the Precious Moments School children and the Fundaninos orphanage girls came together in teams to act out various Bible stories. It was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and creativity of the children as they depicted stories like David and Goliath, Noah's Ark, and the feeding of the five thousand. The room was filled with laughter and excitement as each group took turns guessing the stories. This interactive activity made the Bible stories come alive and helped the children remember them more vividly.

In addition to games, we also give the students weekly memory projects, encouraging them to memorize scripture. Several of them will memorize all 10 verses in one week. It is amazing to see them getting excited about learning God's Word. The accomplishment they feel when they successfully recite their verses is gratifying. 

We received a generous donation of New Testaments from a good friend of ours for the students at the Precious Moments School and Orphanage. These have been a tremendous help, not only for use in Bible classes but also for reading assignments due to a shortage of textbooks. The children treasure their Bibles, often seen reading and discussing passages with one another. This gift has significantly enriched their spiritual journey, and we are deeply grateful for the support that made it possible.

Thanks to a gift from a special friend, our students and the children from the orphanage Fundaninos could go on a field trip to the children's museum. It was a wonderfully educational experience for them, and they learned a lot. They had never been to anything like it before, and it was amazing to see how much they enjoyed it. The museum offered interactive exhibits that sparked their curiosity and allowed them to explore various scientific and historical concepts in a fun way.

The field trip was also a good reminder for me to realize just how many life experiences children living in orphanages miss out on not having a family. We do our best to provide them with a semblance of that through our interactions with them, but we ask that you pray for them regularly and that God will fill in all the missing pieces of life with His Love.

In all our activities, from Bible charades to memory projects and educational field trips, our goal remains the same: to instill a love for God’s Word and provide enriching experiences for these children. Seeing their joy and enthusiasm reassures us that we are on the right path, planting seeds that will grow and bear fruit in their lives. We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support and prayers from our community, which are the backbone of these opportunities. Together, we are making a profound difference in the lives of these precious children, helping them grow in faith and knowledge.


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