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Guatemala Missionary News, Mid Year Update, July 2015

The first half of 2015 has been a period of exciting growth and impactful initiatives for our ministry. We have not only launched several new programs but also expanded existing ones, all of which have yielded remarkable results, demonstrating the effectiveness of our efforts.

Among our significant achievements, we introduced an engineering class at the Fundaniños orphanage. This class and our ongoing woodworking and carpentry sessions saw 35 classes conducted, equipping students with valuable hands-on skills. We also initiated a weekly cooking club for the students at Fundaniños, teaching 18 engaging and practical cooking classes that quickly became a favorite activity among the children, demonstrating our ability to provide diverse and engaging learning opportunities.

Our commitment to education continued at the Precious Moments School/Orphanage, where we re-launched our afternoon tutoring and computer classes. The trained teachers at Precious Moments successfully conducted 146 computer classes, significantly enhancing the students' technological proficiency, thereby underlining our commitment to providing comprehensive and up-to-date education.

Spiritual growth remained a cornerstone of our mission. We held 22 Bible classes during youth group meetings across our homes, schools, and orphanages, fostering spiritual development and community. A significant milestone was reached when we distributed Bibles to 175 students in Guatemala, ensuring they could access God's Word and grow in their faith.

We also made strides in community outreach and support. Our educational training program on computers was established at two orphanages and a school, providing many children with valuable computer skills. Collaborating with three mission teams, we focused on serving vulnerable children and providing them with the support and care they need. Additionally, in partnership with our local church, we remodeled a classroom at a rural school, creating a better learning environment for the students.

Our efforts to share the vision and achievements of our ministry reached new heights when I was invited to speak on a Christian TV station, which provided a platform to highlight the work we are doing in Guatemala. Furthermore, we assisted two students from Fundaniños in finding employment and guided them through the process of transitioning to independent living, ensuring they had the tools to succeed.

These accomplishments reflect our commitment to empowering the children and communities we serve. We look forward to continuing this journey of transformation and growth in the coming months. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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