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Guatemala Missionary News, May 2014

Updated: May 18

This month, in our Bible studies with the students at Fundaninos, we are diving deep into the teachings of Matthew 5, specifically focusing on the Sermon on the Mount. This profound scripture has been a cornerstone of Christian ethics and morality, offering timeless lessons on humility, compassion, and righteousness. Our discussions have been enriched by incorporating a program by Eternal Productions called "God of Wonders." This engaging program explores the wonders of God's creation, highlighting life's intricate beauty, DNA's complexity, and numerous other fascinating facts about the world we live in. This information was entirely new for many of the students, and they have sincerely enjoyed both the videos and the subsequent studies. When science steps in and reaffirms the need for a Creator, it can be a powerful boost to faith, bridging the gap between scientific understanding and spiritual belief.

We had the privilege of hosting a good friend and seasoned missionary, Russ McDowell, who has extensive experience in Guatemala mission work. Russ visited with us and shared his moving testimony with our youth group. His story, which deeply resonated with the students, was not only inspiring but also offered them a tangible example of God's transformative power. This powerful experience underscores our commitment to emphasizing the universal reach and power of God's love by continually inviting other Christians to share their personal experiences and testimonies. This practice has been incredibly faith-building for our students, showing them the diverse ways in which God works in people's lives.

As the month progressed, our regular activities continued with unwavering dedication. Our over 100 students at the Precious Moments school and orphanage maintained their routine of weekly computer and Bible classes. These sessions are designed to equip them with valuable technical skills while grounding them in spiritual teachings. At our workshop in the orphanage Fundaninos, we were productive, building two new work tables, crafting ten pens, and engaging in lots of wood burning. These hands-on projects, which not only develop practical skills but also foster a sense of accomplishment and creativity among the students, are a testament to our holistic approach to education and spiritual growth.

In our cooking classes, Sharie led the students in preparing meals for the entire orphanage, teaching them culinary skills and teamwork. They cooked various dishes, including Sloppy Joes with homemade buns and rice pudding, Mexican rice with chicken, and fruit cobbler. This month, the 4th graders began their classes and learned to make Apple Streusel muffins. Cooking classes are more than just about food; they teach responsibility, cooperation, and the joy of sharing a meal made with love.

Throughout all our classes, whether focused on academics, skills training, or spiritual growth, the underlying theme remains: teach them, train them, love them, and share the knowledge of Christ's love for them. This holistic approach ensures that the students grow intellectually, skillfully, emotionally, and spiritually, preparing them to face the future with confidence and faith.


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