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Cooking, Carpentry, and Spiritual Growth in our work with vulnerable children in Guatemala.

This month has been nothing short of extraordinary as we've continued our programs to empower children in Guatemalan orphanages with essential life skills and spiritual enrichment.

In our cooking classes, led with boundless patience by our team member Sharie, we've witnessed the joy of learning as the children mastered recipes ranging from Mediterranean cuisine to Gyro burgers and tempting ice cream desserts. Their laughter fills the kitchen as they discover the artistry of culinary creation.

Our carpentry classes have seen remarkable progress. It's been a journey of dedication and perseverance to set up our workshop efficiently, but the payoff is evident in the students' enthusiasm as they delve into woodworking. From building cabinets and worktables to exploring the craftsmanship of wooden bracelets and bangles, their talents shine through in each meticulously crafted piece. Selling these creations instills a sense of pride and teaches valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and financial management.

On the spiritual front, our Bible classes have been deeply enriching. Guiding the teenage girls from Fundaniños orphanage through the Sermon on the Mount has been a profound experience, witnessing their hearts and minds absorb its timeless teachings.

We also welcomed a heartwarming visit from a team of kindred spirits from Orphan Outreach at the Precious Moments School we partner with in Colonia Santa Fe. Their games, activities, and messages of Christ's love brought immeasurable joy to the children, and the generous donation of school supplies reinforced our sense of community and shared purpose.

As I reflect on this month's endeavors, I'm grateful for the opportunity to play a role, however small, in the lives of these resilient children. Through cooking, carpentry, and spiritual guidance, we're not just imparting skills; we're nurturing dreams and igniting hope for a brighter tomorrow in the hearts of Guatemala's orphaned and vulnerable youth.

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