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Vacation Camp and Christmas fun at the Orpahange

This month was Fundaninos first vacation camp for the kids. Their school ended at the beginning of November. For two weeks, they enjoyed cooking, woodworking, dance, music, and art classes.

In the cooking classes with Sharie, the students baked and decorated Christmas cookies and treats, made pies for Thanksgiving dinner, and enjoyed eating the snacks they made.

Under the guidance of Tim, the students not only learned about engineering and woodworking but also put their skills to practical use. They designed and crafted Christmas decorations, which are now being sold as part of our entrepreneurial program. The profits from these sales are directly benefiting the children, with a significant portion being saved for their future.

During the camp, it was beautiful to see how our classes throughout the year have paid off. Watching the students use the skills and knowledge we have taught them to accomplish their tasks was a tremendous validation of the value of the work we do, hour after hour, day after day, and year after year until our job is done.

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Fundaninos. Although Thanksgiving is traditionally an American holiday, we celebrate it as a day to give thanks to God for the many blessings he has given us. Four large sheets were placed around the dining room, and the children filled them with countless things they were grateful for.

Witnessing the graduation of two girls from the Fundaninos orphanage was a moment filled with pride and joy. As they walked up to receive their diplomas, their hard work and dedication were evident. Their achievements serve as a testament to the transformative power of education and the impact of our collective efforts.

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