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Guatemala Missionary News, December 2014

This has been an excellent year for us. Our ministry continues to grow, and we are amazed at what the Lord and you have helped us to accomplish. Living and working in Guatemala while trying to raise a family of six children is always exciting, and there is never a dull moment.

After 12 years here, we are used to the fact that things rarely work out how we plan them, but they always seem to work out how God intends them, and when we follow His leading, our efforts tend to bear fruit. Our faith has grown dramatically this year as God continued expanding our ministry. With limited funds and new projects, we have constantly stretched our faith to accomplish the tasks set before us. We have spent a lot of time praying and fasting this year and learned more and more to cast our burdens on the Lord and trust that if this is his work and His ministry, He will have to do the miracles needed to make it possible.

We want to share a story with you about Sandra Tax. We first met her when she was 15, in a small orphanage in Guatemala City. She came from a troubled background but had a great love for Christ; over the years, we gave her classes, disciplined her, and helped her as she continued her studies. When she graduated with a teaching degree, we hired her to work for us as a 4th-grade teacher in the Precious Moments School and Orphanage. She has a fantastic passion for teaching and does an excellent job pouring into the students, not just scholastically but spiritually.

Besides teaching, she attends university to get an advanced degree in education, studying English and Quiche (an indigenous language), and feels called to do ministry with students in rural Guatemala. To have been a part of such extraordinary, generational, and transformational change, whereby people are redeemed and restored through salvation and the knowledge of Christ’s word, is a truly amazing thing.

For several years, we have been dedicated to the Precious Moments School, which caters to underprivileged students residing in the slums of Colonia Santa Fe. In addition to our English and Bible classes, we have established a computer classroom to equip the students with practical skills. This year, we took a significant step forward by training the teachers to conduct computer classes. This strategic move allowed us to multiply our efforts. Previously, I could only teach two classes. Now, over 100 students from 2nd to 6th grade are benefiting from weekly computer classes, accelerating their learning process significantly.

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