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The Remarkable Story of Esther: Lessons in Care and Empowerment

The Book of Esther is uniquely significant in Jewish culture, highlighting their commitment to caring for the less fortunate, particularly widows and orphans. This cultural mandate is underscored in Zechariah 7, where Israel's failure to care for orphans is cited as a reason for divine punishment. Esther herself, as an orphan, becomes a powerful symbol of divine intervention, ultimately saving the Jewish nation.

Exploring the story of Esther with the girls from the Fundaninos orphanage has been a profound experience. It has revealed their unique place in God's heart and demonstrated His profound care for them.

Numerous verses reiterate the Biblical imperative to care for orphans, with James 1:27, emphasizing the purity of religion in such acts of compassion. This highlights the importance of maintaining spiritual purity and actively engaging in compassionate service to the vulnerable.

At Fundaninos, our mission extends beyond spiritual guidance to practical empowerment. Over the past six years, we've endeavored to equip children with essential life skills, fostering independence and productivity.

  • Woodworking: Our carpentry workshop has evolved significantly, offering classes in woodworking, carpentry, and CNC technology. Students create beautiful products through these programs while learning about micro-enterprise and financial management.

  • Cooking Club: Our cooking club, led by Sharie, has been a source of joy and culinary exploration for the girls. From cashew chicken to carrot cake cupcakes, they've expanded their culinary horizons while building valuable life skills.

  • Ministry in Zone 13: Our school's afternoon classes focus on tutoring, Bible studies, and computer instruction, providing essential education in a challenging environment.

  • Dia por Guatemala: Partnering with our local church, we participated in Dia por Guatemala, a community service initiative to improve a rural school. Through painting, carpentry, and organization, we enhanced the learning environment for students, demonstrating the transformative power of community engagement.

In our ministry, we see firsthand the profound impact of compassionate care and practical empowerment. Through initiatives like woodworking, cooking, education, and community service, we strive to emulate the spirit of Esther, embodying God's love and compassion for the vulnerable in our midst.

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