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Celebrating a Decade Plus Two: Highlights from Our 12th Year of Missionary Work in Guatemala

Our mission in Guatemala in 2014 was marked by significant milestones and impactful initiatives aimed at improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. As we celebrated our 12th year of service as missionaries in Guatemala, our dedication to this vital work was stronger than ever.

Throughout the year, we conducted 87 computer skills, woodworking, and cooking classes, not just as a routine but as a means to provide vital training to children in our vocational centers. These classes have equipped them with practical skills that will serve them well in the future. Additionally, thanks to the efforts of trained and hired teachers, 180 computer classes were delivered at the Precious Moments School, empowering students with essential technological skills. Our commitment to spiritual education was evident as we held 48 Bible classes during youth group meetings in our home, schools, and orphanages, fostering spiritual growth and biblical knowledge among the youth.

In collaboration with a fellow missionary, we organized vision clinics that distributed 400 pairs of reading glasses. This simple act has enhanced the quality of life for many individuals, allowing them to read, work, and engage with the world around them more comfortably. Our work extended beyond the classroom as we partnered with six mission teams, dedicating 53 days to assist them in their ministry activities.

We established a new computer classroom in an orphanage and a school in the slums, increasing access to education for disadvantaged children. Together with a mission team, we presented Gospel shows to nearly 1,000 children across twelve schools and orphanages, spreading messages of hope and faith.

Evangelism remained at the heart of our mission. We shared the Gospel, prayed with hundreds of children, and distributed Bibles to 700 students, enriching their spiritual journeys. We also proudly held the first open house at our Skills for Life Woodworking Academy, showcasing the talents and achievements of our students.

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