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From Hardship to Hope - One Students Story

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In the heart of Guatemala City, where poverty, crime, and violence cast long shadows over communities, the Cadaniño community centers stand as beacons of hope.

Dedicated to serving vulnerable children and families, our support through afterschool programs goes beyond mere education. For the hundreds of children enrolled, our work often makes the crucial difference between succeeding and failing in school and in life.

At Cadaniño, children find a sanctuary where their spiritual, academic, and emotional needs are met by a team of dedicated teachers drawn from their community and empowered to serve their friends and neighbors.

Here is the story of one of our students and the difference being enrolled in Cadaniño made in her life.

"Hello, my name is C.P., and I'm 17 years old. This year, I proudly graduated from 8th grade, something I only achieved because of the support from Cadaniño, which I've been a part of since 2021.

It all began when teachers from Cadaniño visited my family. During this visit, Luke, the youth pastor, extended an invitation for me to join their program. Intrigued, I started attending, and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the Bible classes they offered.

During one class, Luke offered: “We are here for you if any of you need or want prayer.” His words resonated deeply with me, and I approached him and asked for prayer.

In that vulnerable moment, I poured out my heart to Luke, sharing my family's and my struggles. Before Cadaniño entered my life, it was marked by hardship and uncertainty.

The most brutal blow came when my father left us, plunging us into a desperate situation. His abandonment left us without financial support, and we often went without food. Our home became even more dilapidated during the rainy season, with leaks flooding it and making it almost unlivable.

The lack of basic necessities, like electricity and running water, weighed heavily on us. Nights were spent in darkness, sometimes without even a candle to light our way. Many mornings, we left for school with empty stomachs, and the constant worry took its toll on my studies and social life.

Without school supplies or encouragement, my academic performance suffered. I'd always succeeded in school before, but I fell behind as I didn't have the resources I needed; sometimes, I didn't even have a pencil or paper with which to do my work, so I failed classes. At the end of the year, I was devastated to learn I had failed the year.

However, Luke's assurance that Cadaniño would help so I could rebuild my future, brought me hope. With their support, I not only passed the year I had failed but excelled academically, earning diplomas for Academic Excellence and Class Participation.

I am immensely grateful to everyone at Cadaniño for their profound impact on my life. Their assistance has propelled me forward, and I now dream of graduating and securing a job. But beyond personal success, my ultimate aspiration is to provide stability for my family by building a home where we can thrive.

I trust God to guide me on this journey, believing that with His grace, all things are possible. As I look ahead to the future, I am determined to create a better life for myself and instill in my future family the values of resilience and gratitude.

I offer my deepest thanks to those who have supported me along the way. Your kindness has made a difference in my life and the lives of countless other children in my community who have faced similar struggles.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


C.P.'s journey from hardship to hope is just one among many that illustrate the profound impact Cadaniño has on the lives of those we serve.

Please keep us in your prayers, as our work is incredibly hard but eternally important. Pray for strength and wisdom for our team as we continue our mission; we remain committed to empowering children like C.P. to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Through your support can we harness the transformative power of love, support, and faith in God. Together, we can make a difference—one child, one family, and one community at a time. 


Partner with us today and impact lives for eternity!

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