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2019, A Year of Growth and Achievement


2019 has been a year of remarkable progress and impact for the Colonia Santa Fe and San Jose Pinula Community Centers. Through dedication, innovation, and collaboration, we've reached new heights in educational success, spiritual development, and community engagement. From introducing cutting-edge robotics courses to expanding our programs into new communities, our initiatives have touched the lives of many, fostering growth and empowerment.

Our mission teams and special needs ministry have further amplified our efforts, providing essential support and care to vulnerable populations. As we reflect on the past year's achievements, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead, committed to continuing our work in serving and uplifting our communities.

Educational Success

At the Colonia Santa Fe Community Center, we proudly served 85 students through our after-school programs. Our focus on educational reinforcement paid off spectacularly, with 24 of our students achieving first place in their respective classes at school. We hired a third teacher dedicated to supporting our students' academic growth to further enhance our program.

Innovative Learning

We introduced a robotics course, benefitting 15 students by providing them with hands-on experience in technology and engineering. Additionally, another group of 15 students received six months of weekly English classes, equipping them with valuable language skills for their future.

Spiritual and Community Growth

Understanding the importance of holistic development, we held weekly Bible studies for our students' parents, fostering spiritual growth and community bonds.

Program Expansion

Our commitment to serving more communities led to expanding our entire program to a second center in San Jose Pinula, where 60 students are enrolled in our after-school programs.

Youth Engagement

We prioritized youth engagement by organizing youth group meetings for teenagers twice weekly in the mornings. These sessions provided a safe space for teens to discuss, learn, and grow. The youth also participated in two events at our local church, further integrating them into the community.

Community Outreach

Our efforts extended to the parents through weekly Bible studies and a special Mother's Day outreach event. Additionally, four teenagers from our center participated in their first local mission trip, and our youth and staff conducted their first community outreach, visiting a retirement center.

Mission Teams

We were blessed to receive eight mission teams throughout the year. These teams worked alongside us, conducting Vacation Bible School (VBS) classes and visiting the homes of our students to deliver supplies and pray with the families, fostering a spirit of community and support.

Special Needs Ministry

Our special educator and physical therapist worked tirelessly throughout the year, providing care for disabled children and adults at a government orphanage. Their dedication ensured that these individuals received the attention and support they needed.

By the Numbers

  • Nearly 1,000 Bible classes were taught to students.

  • Over 900 computer classes delivered.

  • More than 300 tutoring and educational reinforcement sessions were held.

Staff Development

Our team of six staff members participated in weekly meetings to discuss progress, challenges, and strategies for improvement. To further their professional development, staff attended two local conferences—one focused on orphan care and the other on Bible teaching—enhancing their skills and knowledge to better serve our community.

The Colonia Santa Fe and San Jose Pinula Community Centers have made significant strides in educational and spiritual development through dedication, innovation, and community collaboration. Our mission teams and special needs ministry have further amplified our impact, touching lives and fostering growth in all aspects of our work. We look forward to continuing this journey, driven by our commitment to serving and uplifting our communities.

Embracing the Journey Ahead

As we draw the curtains on an eventful year, we are reminded of the transformative power of education, community, and faith. The successes and challenges we've encountered have strengthened our resolve to continue our mission of empowerment and service. With unwavering dedication and the support of our community, we look forward to the opportunities and blessings that await us in the coming year. Together, we will embrace the journey ahead, united in our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey.

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