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VALLEY OF THE ANGELS, is an orphanage in Guatemala founded by the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception Province in 1988. Our Orphanage is located about thirty minutes east of Guatemala City in a small Aldea (Village) called San Jose El Manzano in Santa Catarina Pinula. Fr. Rocco Famiglietti founded and maintained Valley of the Angels with the help of many generous benefactors, like Rene Abularach, who donated some 14 manzanas (about 30 acres).

While Valley of the Angels was originally established for the specific purpose of educating and caring for abandoned and orphaned children, the mission was later expanded to include all poor children. Today, we house, feed and educate over 200 needy children and continue to welcome all children who in any way are in need of assistance. Madre Julia Vides and Hermana Margarita Maria Flores, two Carmelite sisters of St. Joseph serve as Principal and Vice Principal of the school. They oversee the day to day supervision of the orphans in grades 1 through 9.

The Valley of the Angels Orphanage is truly Fr Rocco’s dream come true. It is here that Fr Rocco affectionately known as Papa Rocco has built a legacy of love. With his insistence on giving the “best to the poor” rather than giving them the “left overs”, Papa Rocco affirms their human dignity through beautifying their environment; not only using the highest quality materials and the best architectural designs but by manicuring God’s natural beauty seen in creation.

All of this works together with the hope that the seeds planted by their solid education and good moral teaching will grow and blossom; allowing the children to contribute to their society and live a Christian life fully alive in Christ.

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