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Semillas de Amor

Built on 3 1/2 acres and located in Parramos, Guatemala (twenty minutes outside of La Antigua Guatemala) Semillas de Amor provides a clean, healthy, and loving home for 12 orphaned and abandoned children.

Semillas de Amor’s mission is to raise and educate thoughtful, compassionate leaders with excellent critical thinking skills and a commitment to social justice and civic responsibility.  We focus on character and academic excellence in a creative, safe and nurturing environment.

Our children, both boys and girls, range in age from 8-17 years. Most of our children attend an international school that has an excellent academic program. Academics are essential, however the children’s social environment is equally important. Our children are being prepared to attend a university outside of Guatemala on scholarship.  This is why it is so important for our kids to speak English and receive an excellent education as well as improving their social skills.  It is essential that our children have the opportunity to follow their dreams and to be the best people they can be.

Currently our children are involved in after school tutoring, swim classes and swim meets, clarinet, guitar, piano and art classes as well as pet therapy.  Our six dogs, 4 of them rescues from the streets of Guatemala, nurture our children’s emotional development and enhance their quality of life as well as teach our children responsibility.

Even though our children are orphans, at Semillas de Amor we believe it is important for our children to learn to give back and not just receive.  Our children have given back through community outreach programs, environment activities, and supporting each other for success. To say we are very proud of who these kids are and who they are becoming is an understatement.  This success would be impossible without our awesome donors. 

Regardless of what path our children take, to study at the university or vocational training the children at Semillas de Amor will always have a home to return to.  We will always be available to counsel, love and nurture our children because we are their family. nurture our children because we are their family.

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Director: Nancy Bailey

Telephone USA: ​(530) 628-7214

Telephone Guatemala:

Address USA: 1113 Elderberry Circle, Folsom CA 95630

Address Guatemala:

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