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Hogar Rafael Ayau

We are a nonprofit, social and charitable private, civil, founded by Father Francis O'Leary, a Belgian national, who was characterized as an individual human quality and a great sense of solidarity with the most needy.


Background Hospice San José in Guatemala:

The Hospicio de San Jose was founded in Guatemala in 1989 and continues the work of providing comprehensive care to children, adolescents and adults living with HIV or AIDS and / or common diseases. It is noteworthy that the September 2, 1994, the legal accreditation as Hospice Association of San José was obtained. Hospice he began to serve in the capital of Guatemala City, then six years old he moved to the town of San Lucas Sacatepequez, where it stood for 12 years with the support of benefactors, fortunately today are facilities themselves, which are in the 28.5 kilometer road Barcenas, municipality of Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, Sacatepequez.

Our mission

We are a non-governmental not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive care to children, adolescents and adults living with HIV or AIDS and / or common diseases through social services working together, giving the best of each so that the patient has quality of life and proper insertion into society, bearing in mind that they are human beings and we owe them.

Our vision

Be a national institution that provides diagnosis and treatment for people with HIV or AIDS, to help reduce the impact of the pandemic through comprehensive care, information, education and prevention aimed at vulnerable population and in general

Overall objectives

Provide comprehensive care for orphaned children living permanently in hospice facilities. Pay attention to outpatient nationwide infected with HIV or AIDS. Provide comprehensive health care in general nationwide poor people.

Contact Info:





Telephone USA:

Telephone Guatemala:+(502) 6624-4700

Telephone Guatemala:+(502) 6624-4701

Telephone Guatemala:+(502) 6624-4702

Address USA:

Address Guatemala: Km. 28.5 Carretera a Bárcenas Santa Lucía Milpas Altas Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Best Practices in Orphan Care

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