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Hogar de Vida

Hogar de Vida or Home of Life & Nutrition in San Andres, Sajcabaja, is located in north central Guatemala, the northern-most country of the seven Central American countries. If you were arriving for a Guatemala mission trip, you'd learn that San Andres is a five-hour bus trip from Guatemala City, taking over an hour to traverse the last 22 miles over rugged, poorly maintained mountain roads. The town of San Andres has a population of 2,700 inhabitants, most of whom are Quiche-speaking Mayan Indians. (Quiche is one of 22 Mayan Indian languages spoken in Guatemala). The children's home is in the southeast corner of town.

Jesus said: "Let the children come to me and do not let them be restrained, because such as these belong to the kingdom of God. Mark 10:4"

In the home the love of Jesus is shared with children who need the security of a home where they are surrounded by caring people. Consider participating on one of our Guatemala mission trips! Meals are prepared over a woodburning stove, and after-meal dishes are washed in the big washbasins which are part of the pila (a big water storage and utility washing area for dishes and clothes).

Overseeing this daily routine are Oralia and Amilcar. Amilcar Gomez is the accountant and legal representative. Oralia Ixcuna, with her husband, Sebastian La`zar, are the directors of the home. Ours is one of the charities in Guatemala that provides a critical service for children with few other alternatives.

Hoagr de Vida

Contact Person: Oralia Ixcuna and Amilcar Gomez




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