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Eagles Nest

Our children’s home was established in 1984 as a temporary home for children. Missionaries, Larry and Claire Boggs, began helping Guatemalan orphans find their “forever home” since 1979. Eventually, they saw the need to establish a children’s home in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

In 2001, the current location of the Home in Sololá was purchased, and after selling the facility in Quetzaltenango they were able to pay off the mortgage in Sololá.

The children and workers were moved to Sololá in 2005. Most of the children in the home were 5 years old and under, and were actively in the adoption process. In 2008, international adoptions were shut down in order to address the issues of child trafficking and corruption. Our children’s home went from having close to 90 children under the age of 5 to having approximately 40 children over the age of 5.

We no longer only care for children until their adoptions are complete, but find that we are more often raising them until they transition out of our Home. Our desire is to not only give them the tools and education they need so that they can make a difference in Guatemala someday, but most importantly to teach them about the saving grace of God.

LOVE – come and love the kids, show them they matter.
SERVE – serve them by bringing a team.
GIVE – give of your time and/or your financial help.
CONNECT – choose your ministry and receive monthly pictures and updates.


Contact Info:

Contact Person: Larry Boggs





Telephone USA: 503-785-3580

Telephone Guatemala:

Address USA:Eagle's Nest International, PO Box 637, Burleson, TX 76097

Address Guatemala:

Best Practices in Orphan Care

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Asking these simple questions now will give you a better understanding on what to look for in a partnership, evaluate your potential partner and save you from entering into a situation that you might regret later.


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