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Association Campestre Adventista Los Pinos


International Children's Care is an organization that was formed by a group of Christian people in the year 1978. They were motivated to organize due to the devastating earthquake that occurred in Guatemala in the year 1976 that as a result had been many children in the Orphanage, It is at that moment that they put themselves in front of the Project of a Home for these children, Mrs. Alcyon Fleck and her husband Kenneth Fleck and thus they decide to found the Association Campestre Adventista Los Pinos with the object of giving aid to the orphan children that left This catastrophe. Over the years the orphans of Guatemala's internal armed conflict have joined and we are currently collaborating with the Childhood and Adolescence Courts of the country in the care, shelter and protection of the children they refer to in the meantime resolve the legal situation Of each child and adolescent.

This is how it was formally constituted on February 15, 1980 authorized by the Ministry of Interior, duly published in the official journal on that date, remains as ADVENTIST HOUSEHOLD HOUSING ADVENTIST LOS PINOS.


Provide shelter, protection and comprehensive care to children and adolescents in orphanhood, neglect and / or victims of abuse and abuse. Without distinction of ethnic, religious and cultural origin that are referred by the Courts of the Childhood and Adolescence of Guatemala.




That children and adolescents live together in a surrogate family, providing them with an academic education, developing their skills, inculcating moral and Christian values ​​that enable them to live their lives as dignified, professional men and women, Respectful of the laws, conscious and in solidarity with the needs of those who suffer.


The Home is located geographically in the village Lasjas of the Municipality of Poptún of the Department of the Petén.

The school is made up of 12 houses assigned to care for children, the Primary School building and the three Basic High School levels. Teachers and administrative staff live on campus, are part of the foster family of children.

In the capital city are the headquarters, a place that is used to collect donations, attend legal matters of the Home and as an information center for people interested in collaborating with this ministry, these offices are located at 15 avenue 14-43 Zone 13 in the capital city of Guatemala.


Contact Info:




Director: Sean & Glendy McDaniel

Telephone USA:

Telephone Guatemala:+502-7927-8865

Telephone Guatemala:+502-7927-8866

Telephone Guatemala:+502-2331-0056

Address USA:

Address Guatemala: Hogar Sede-Instituto: Aldea Las Lajas, Poptún Petén.

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