Heart breaking statistics show that as older orphan’s age out of care, a disproportionately large percentage of them suffer from homelessness, substance abuse, trafficking, crime and incarceration.
We believe that it is the role of all Christians, to step into that gap and help provide open doors to promising futures through holistic care and transition programs.

Over the years, in the absence of effective transitional programs, we have worked to provide support, attention and assistance to children who have either aged out, been kicked out, or chosen to leave the children’s homes we work with.

There is no set pattern to what we do. By staying in communication with them, praying for them, having them over for the holidays and even letting them move in with us when they have a hard time, we help provide the support and community that would normally come from the family, friends and relatives that so many of them lack.

What we do is not all-inclusive or exclusive, but it plays an important role in the lives of these young people that are so close to the heart of God.