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casa angelina

Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina is a haven and family for the lost and forgotten children of Guatemala. Guatemala is an extremely impoverished nation. They are beautiful and proud people, but sadly they have very little health care and practically no education. There are thousands of orphans in Guatemala, many of whom come from parents who have died of starvation or alcoholism, or who have chosen to abandon their children on the city streets because they have no way to support them.

There are currently 58 children living at Casa Angelina and construction is under way to give shelter to over 300 orphans in its family style housing. Each home is designed to house 10 children and one set of house parents — a setting to give the children more individual care.

Faith Christian Center is honored to be in partnership with Casa Angelina through What Matters Ministries and Missions and is in the process of building one of these homes. We want to do our part in providing the children with family, food, clothing, shelter and most importantly, the love of Jesus.


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Best Practices in Orphan Care

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